Rotor Analyzer

The K101-0915 gives the complete electrical state of your rotor before the final test. It's simple and fast to operate and allows testing of 100% of the rotor including the pole pieces, shaft and coils.

  • Test for Opens & Grounds
  • Use the Digital Meter to read amps through the rotor at approximately 14.5 Volts DC
  • Use the Analog Meter to read Magnetic Strength (gauss), which can be compared to an OEM rotor readings insuring proper turn on RPM and the maximum output at high RPM.
  • Dimensions:

    Size: 24" Deep X 18" Wide X 12" High
    Weight: 50 lbs.
    Shipping Weight: 55 lbs.

    Power Requirements:

    K101-0915-110 110 Volt, 60 Hz
    K101-0915-220 220 Volt, 50 Hz

    Available Accessories

    K101-0915-17 Brush Holder, additional
    K101-0915-22 Calibration Device

    Available documents

    From here you can download any of this documents to your computer:

    K101-0915 Operations Manual

    Available Service Parts

    K108-0700-1 Fixture Stand Only
    K101-UM-35MV Digital Amp Meter
    K101-753-1203 Calibration (Gain) Pot
    K101-20350-100Ua Magnetic (Gauss) Meter
    K101-W58-XB1A4A-20 Re-setable Fuse Circuit Breaker 20A
    K101-W58-XBAA$A-10 Re-setable Fuse Circuit Breaker 10A
    K101-753-1243 Calibration (Adjusting) Pot
    K101-LH677R AC Power Pilot Light
    K101-LED Ground Light (Red LED Lamp)
    K101-LH677R Test Pilot Light
    K101-2KG72-1-73 TABS On/Off Switch DPST
    K101-P27B-RD Push Button Switch
    K101-0915-BS Brush Spring Set (2)
    K101-0915-S Brush Set (2)