Drive Rebuilder Fixture with 10 Tools

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Available Accessories

Optional Tooling for Roller & Spring Removal:
  • K108-0700-13 Spring Removal Tool
  • K108-0700-12 Roller Removal Tool
  • K108-0700-14 Holding V-Block

  • Available documents

    From here you can download any of this documents to your computer:

    K108-0700 Operations Manual

    Available Service Parts

    K108-0700-1 Fixture Stand Only
    K108-0700-2 Shaft Adapter for Brg Removal 0.635
    K108-0700-3 Shaft Adapter for Brg Removal 0.655
    K108-0700-4 Shaft Adapter for Brg Removal 0.695
    K108-0700-5 Shaft Adapter for Brg Removal 0.710
    K108-0700-7 Snap Ring Installing Tool (2 pc. Bullet & Pusher)
    K108-0700-8 Snap Ring Opener
    K108-0700-9 Snap Ring Displacer
    K108-0700-11 Snap Ring Seater
    K108-0700-15 2" Pusher, (silver round head)
    K108-0700-16 3" Pusher, (silver round head)
    K107-0700-14 V-Block for Clutch Assembly
    K108-0700-12 Roller Installer-(0.250 to .0300)
    K108-0700-13 Spring Installer-(all applications)