Diode Analyzer

The Diode Analyzer is an automatic and manual tester to detect bad bridge rectifiers. Designed for rebuilders of automotive alternators to be used prior to final assembly, saving you time and money.


Detect open or shorted diodes, identify regular and avalanche diodes , checks leakage and forward voltage drop on assembled alternator rectifiers up to 4 positive and 4 negative with simple readings or automatic comparison with set values.


  • Diode Forward Voltage Drop 2.5 V max.
  • Avalanche Volt test range 15 to 40 Volts.
  • Avalanche Reverse Leak measure at 15 or 20 Volts selector.
  • Reverse leakage regular diodes 100 or 200selector.
  • Input Volts 115 VAC (if required 220 VAC)
  • Test up to 8 diode in less than 10 sec.
  • Pulse current 25 to 125 Amps.
  • Tolerance on Avalanche Auto +/- 1 Volt -- Tolerance on VF auto +/- 0.20 Volts
  • Tolerance on Leak +/- 50uAmps.
  • Dimensions 14W 8 Height 8 Depth
  • Shipping weight 13 lbs

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