Armature Core Analizer

Why Use The Armature Core Analyzer Before Rewinding?

  1. With all the different laminations being used in imported armature today, no one knows the percentage of efficiency the laminations have. With the Armature Core Analyzer the unknown is eliminated allowing a much higher salvage rate and stopping the use of cores that will fail, BEFORE THEY ARE WOUND.
  2. Armatures that are burned out in excess of 750 degrees Fahrenheit loose their magnetic efficiency causing higher amps and lower torque. Armature Core Analyzing will eliminate these unknowns.
  3. Armatures that have variations in the lamination OD'ss can produce lower torque and higher amps. Armature Core Analyzing will also eliminate this unknown.

This test will allow you to compare your lamination stack and shaft assemblies' steel magnetic capabilites to OEM material or to your own "in house" generated standard. This tester is designed to give you a constant source of equal magnetic strength lamination stacks and shafts, so that you will know the torque of the armature before you waste the time and money winding an armature that will not pass your final load test for high amps and/or low torque.

Available Accessories

Available documents

From here you can download any of this documents to your computer:

K101-0920 Operations Manual

Available Service Parts

K101-0920-1 Balance Potentiometer
K101-0920-2 Strength Analog Meter
K101-0920-3 Fuse & Fuse Holder
K101-0920-4 Meter Range Switch
K101-0920-5 Pilot Light
K101-0920-7 On/Off Power Switch
K101-0920-8L Left Hand Lamination Stop Bracket
K101-0920-8R Right Hand Lamination Stop Bracket
K101-0920-B Ball Bearings (4)
K101-0920-9 Reception Coil
K101-0920-10 Transmitter Coil
K101-0920-11 Complete Armature Mounting Bracket (Right)
K101-0920-12 Complete Armature Mounting Bracket (Left)
K101-0920-13 AC Power Cord
K101-0920-14 Air Shock