Armature Comparator

The Armature Comparator is designed to test armatures by comparing them to an OEM or known good armature. By comparing to the "Known Good Armature", you can check torque as well find shorts, bad connections, opens, and leakage to ground. The Oscilloscope allows you to find out what is wrong with the armature i.e.: shorts, opens, bad connections and leakage to ground. The Analog Meter allows you to set the electronic circuits and to read torque after the machine is set. The Analog Meter will also read the approximate resistance of the leakage to ground in ohms. There are two types of windings used in automotive armatures, LAP & Wave. The Armature Comparator will locate faults in both types of windings. Lap Windings are wound using parallel windings. The individual coils are connected to the commutator bars which are adjacent or close to each other. The Wave Windings use a series of windings and the individual coils are connected to the commutator bars which are approximately two pole pitches apart. What this means to you is that you will be able to locate problems in an armature before it is put in a unit and read the armature torque.

TORQUE.......Why look for it? Because an armature will loose torque if any or all of the following conditions exist.

  • Non-OEM lamination steel
  • Small wire size or lower grade copper used in the hairpins
  • Laminations being burned to hot, before being rewound
  • Not enough laminations
  • Improper twist of the hairpins during winding or rewinding, (improper commutation).
  • Relocation of the hairpins when the commutator is replaced, (changing commutation).

  • It has been found that most low strength (Torque) armatures have a combination of the above deficiencies in them.

    Available Accessories

    Available documents

    From here you can download any of this documents to your computer:

    K101-0914 Operations Manual

    K101-0914 Armature Shaft Adaptor Bushing Kit

    Available Service Parts

    K101-0914-001-3 Ground Brush
    K101-0914-002 Brush Spring-All-(Tension should be at or above 10oz)
    K101-0914-003 Brush Holder-All
    K101-0914-004 Belt
    K101-0914-005 Analog Meter
    K101-0914-006 Test Lead for Oscilloscope
    K101-0914-007 Oscilloscope
    K101-0914-008 Transmitter Block-(Must be calibrated with control box)
    K101-0914-009 Set Potentiometer
    K101-0914-010-1 Brushholder Assembly Complete
    K101-0914-012 Bearings-All (Each)
    K101-0914-013 AC Power Switch
    K101-0914-014 Ground Test Switch
    K101-0914-015 Transformer
    K101-0914-016 Motor Return Gas Shock
    K101-0914-017 Motor Switch
    K101-0914-018 Motor
    K101-0914-019 Motor Speed Control Unit
    K101-0914-020 Pillow Block-Each
    K101-0914-021 Motor Pulley
    K101-0914-022 Belt Drive Pulley
    K101-0914-023-2 PC Board-Supply
    K101-0914-025 Safety Cover-Motor
    K101-0914-026 Safety Cover-Pillow Block
    K101-0914-027 PC Board-Control
    K101-0914-28 Brush Holder Assembly-Universal
    K101-0914-29 Conversion Mounting Kit-update old style 914's including illustrations
    K101-0914-30 Contact-Rounded