Kar Industries Corp. has taken great pride in provide customer with quality service throughout the years:

Auto Electric Suppliers Ace Independent Warehouse Owners Group General Motors Diesel Division Marine Corp. of Engineers Metro-Dade Transit Authorities HPS Engineering, Inc. Prestolite Electric, Co. Leece-Neville Peterbuilt Kenworth Cummins A&B Enterprise (Delco-Remy Re-man) Discount Auto Parts RCP, Inc. and many more rebuilders, as well as, new and used parts dealers.

We would also like to welcome some of our newest customer Pierce Transit in Seattle.

The use of Kar testing equipment in various plants, such as RMP, Inc. and A&B Enterprises has assisted these companies in obtaining an ISO rating. Kar Industries has also been able to supply Cummins of the UK with a tester to meet their required Royal Standards.

Kar Industries Corp. is proud to hold the membership in ERA.

The ROTOR ANALYZER (PN. K101-0915) gives the complete electrical state of your rotor before the final test. It's simple and fast to operate and allows testing of 100% of the rotor including the pole pieces, shaft and coils.  Click for more information